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‘Better Days Are Here’


Date: 3 JUN 2020

Hey there, welcome to my first journal entry. In these entries, I will attempt to type out my inspiration and design process for each design I create. Also, I will showcase some of my sketches and early drafts to add some levels to my entries. Without further ado, here’s the inspiration behind ‘Better Days Are Here’ design.

‘Better Days Are Here’ or BDAH for short, was phrase that I told myself as I was growing up. You see, I’m quite an optimistic guy and I tend to look at the brighter side of things when I face life challenges. I would tell myself that ‘hey, better days are coming. Don’t worry about it. Better days are here.’ Call me delusional, but this helped me to power through those challenges. Of course, this isn’t the only thing that encouraged. My God helped me too.

All this time, this phrase has no vision. BDAH was just something I would repeat to myself. That changed when I listened to a song. Rich Brian released this song called ‘Drive Safe’. It is really good song talking about hope and loss. I highly recommend you to listen to it. Anyway, what inspired me to illustrate and envision BHAD was after listening to this song. It has this stanza that resonates with me,

“Gone too far to change
Time to get your rollerblades
That smile is worth the wait
Here comes better days

Rich Brian, Drive Safe, The Sailor, 2019

To me, I associate good days as me chilling. The vibe is calm and soothing. I’m in my own world and I’m at peace. So I took how I feel into my illustration and drew this character floating with the clouds. I wanted the character to look at peace and so, I illustrated him lying fully extended with his arms behind his head, as if he’s relaxing. So far, the illustrations looks good and I’m satisfied with the simple illustrating style I used to make the design not too overwhelming.

Initially, my character was not an astronaut. He was a stick figure, something you see when you’re looking for a toilet sign in a shopping mall. Upon review and advice from a close friend, I decided to scratch that idea and explored other alternatives. An astronaut would make a great fit because he floats in my design, similar to how he floats in space in real life. Lastly, I settled with this shade of pink because it’s pretty unique and has a calming vibe that I can appreciate.

Here’s my initial draft of ‘Better Days Are Here’. You can see the stick figure I talked about and the interesting colour combination that I was experimenting. In the end, the colours were not fitting the vibe I envisioned.

Fun fact, the final design of BDAH went viral on /r streetwearstartup and that’s what allowed me to reach out to so many people around the world.

With that said, I have shared the inspiration behind ‘Better Days Are Here’ design and I hope you have enjoyed reading my entry. As you read more of them, you will slowly get to know more about me as a person because my designs reflect how I interpret the world around me. Stick around, maybe you can relate with me.

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