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‘Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder’


Date: 3 JUN 2020

Hey there, welcome to my second journal entry. In these entries, I will attempt to type out my inspiration and design process for each design I create. Also, I will showcase some of my sketches and early drafts to add some levels to my entries. Without further ado, here’s the inspiration behind ‘Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder’ design.

‘Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder’o, or DMTHGF for short, is a pretty common phrase that I did not know until after I released the design. This phrase is usually associated with love and relationships. Just like being away from home for a long period of time makes you homesick, when we are separated from our loved ones for a long period of time, we miss them greatly. We will miss them more than if we are near them as we can see them more frequently. Hence, the greater the distance apart, the more we miss them as we see them less frequently. Our hearts yearns to meet them and thus, grows fonder of them. This is can be applied to your friends, family or significant other.

So, I am very fond of this person lately and we meet regularly every week. The problem is that she stays really far away :(. This gave me the inspiration for DMTHGF design. Even though Singapore is really small and we stay around 1.5hrs away from each other, I still feel that we stay really far and hence, I made an illustration depicting a scene from an airplane. Can you guess what airline is this based on my illustration?

We take planes to travel great distances in a short time of period. It’s the fastest mode of travel from country to country. I exaggerated the distance between our houses to an extent that we need to take an airplane in order to go over. This exaggeration is to show how strong my feelings are for this person. Anyway, the airlines is Singapore Airlines, hope you guessed it. On the screen, it shows how to get from my house to this person’s house and the distance it takes. I thought that was pretty cute.

Colour wise, I was looking for a cool but warm colour palette. I ended up with these shades of brown, which I appreciate a lot. This design is one of my favourites. It is cool to think that people pruchase this design unaware of the message behind it. And it’s a message of longing and love.

With that said, I have shared the inspiration behind ‘Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder’ design and I hope you have enjoyed reading my entry. As you read more of them, you will slowly get to know more about me as a person because my designs reflect how I interpret the world around me. Stick around, maybe you can relate with me.

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