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‘Do We Have Control’


Date: 3 JUN 2020

Hey there, welcome to my third journal entry. In these entries, I will attempt to type out my inspiration and design process for each design I create. Also, I will showcase some of my sketches and early drafts to add some levels to my entries. Without further ado, here’s the inspiration behind ‘Do We Have Control’ design.

If you know me, I am quite a reserved person. I do not get angry easily and usually keep my emotions in check. I take pride in this trait of mine because it took many years to cultivate this habit. I can say that I have control over my emotions and actions. This thought spiraled down to a deeper rabbit hole, do we have control in whatever we do?

This illustration shows a gate switch box screwed to a wall. I wanted this gate to symbolise my life opening or closing to situations in life. For example, if I do not want someone to hurt my feelings, I would close the gate to prevent this person from entering into my life. So, in other words, by controlling the gate of my life, I can control my feelings and emotions. That’s why I decided to illustrate a gate box switch, something that I feel is pretty apt and interesting.

On top of this, I took this opportunity to play around with perception. In my previous designs, they are pretty two dimensional. But this time, I tried to create a unique perception, three dimensional almost. The process was quite interesting because I learned more tools in Adobe Illustrator. Took me several hours to properly nail this bottom-up look and I am satisfied with the end results.

Keep your gates closed, people. Only when you’re sure that this person you’re opening the gates for will not cause brokenness and hurt to you.

With that said, I have shared the inspiration behind ‘Do We Have Control’ design and I hope you have enjoyed reading my entry. As you read more of them, you will slowly get to know more about me as a person because my designs reflect how I interpret the world around me. Stick around, maybe you can relate with me.

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