The Inspiration Behind…

‘Nil Sine Labore’

Entry #4

Date: 8 JUN 2020

Hey there, welcome to my fourth journal entry. In these entries, I will attempt to type out my inspiration and design process for each design I create. Also, I will showcase some of my sketches and early drafts to add some levels to my entries. Without further ado, here’s the inspiration behind ‘Nil Sine Labore’ design.

Nil Sine Labore is latin for Nothing Without Labour. It means what it says, we cannot do or achieve anything without labour. This phrase is used as a motivation for people to get up and get out of their comfort zone. You see, we are naturally lazy, and that is not a bad thing. Efficiency and productivity is increased because of our laziness. We want to do and achieve the same level of success putting lesser effort. So, we find creative solutions to solve our problems and thus, we become efficient. And when we become more efficient, we start to have more free time in our hands. And what do we do with this new found spare time? Well, we rest and relax… Until we get bored and start to do other things. This brings forth increased productivity because we simply did more things in the same amount of time.

Nil Sine Labore is my Secondary School Motto. I hold this motto very close to my heart because it resonates with my being. I believe in the concept that if I were to put in sufficient effort, I can only succeed. That is how I think and so, this old latin phrase naturally sticks with me despite graduating many years ago. It makes sense, if I put in the labour, the effort, there is no reason for me not to succeed. Of course, luck and opportunity come into play. But, with a long period of time, your success is mainly because of your labour and effort.

This is why I also believe that the hardworking beats the talented if the talented does not work hard. If you are driven and motivated to excel, you will. The world is unfair, there are people who are naturally gifted. They pick up skills more quickly than you. They are better than you, for sure. But if they are not hardworking, overtime, you will overtake them. Believe that.

After laying down the context, I shall now proceed to explain my design process. Here, you can see that there is a central focal point. The design seems to collapse at the center, and that is my intention. The lines illustrated brings the colours together to one spot in the center. Just like how buildings in a city appear to be closer together when they are further away from us, I wanted to show that success is a lifelong journey. It is long, it is painful, but it is worth it.

From this focal point, I attempted to show that all of us are just trying to reach the same goal. One goal, one focus and that is to be happy. We are hungry for success because it brings us joy and deep down, we just want to be happy and contented with life. Of course, earthly success does not provide true happiness. True happiness comes from God, the Father. But while we are on earth, we do our best to see how high we can soar.

Finally, the design is staggered around the sides. this is to represent the different starting position each of us have. Some of us come from wealthy background while other comes from poverty. Thought it matters where we start from, the main factor of success and happiness is the will and drive to succeed.

Do your best and let God do the rest.

For the colours, I chose them because they are nice. 🙂

With that said, I have shared the inspiration behind ‘Do We Have Control’ design and I hope you have enjoyed reading my entry. As you read more of them, you will slowly get to know more about me as a person because my designs reflect how I interpret the world around me. Stick around, maybe you can relate with me.

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